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Wellness Program

Your complete virtual health solution to
feel good in all areas of lif

The fuel of your performance, productivity, and happiness relies on good health. You can now use our software for free to keep track of health performance in general, just order our KIT based on your needs through Amazon or your nearest Fitness Center.



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• Control your health 

• Increase health engagement 

• Keep track of vital signs 

• Receive automatic notifications and alerts on conditions 

• Improve health


Implement Health Programs in Your Workplace

Corporate wellness programs are becoming a core part of organizations and businesses. Having these programs help promote a more effective and productive workplace culture. Motivating your team to become engaged about improving their wellness habits can communicate a big level of empathy and support to your people, thus boosting satisfaction and confidence in the workplace. With HORUS you can now easily integrate wellness programs and rewards through our KITS.

Connect • Empower • Enable.

• Engage Employees • Empower Managers • Foster Leadership

• Increase Employee sentiment and satisfaction


Several U.S. states, including Massachusetts, Indiana, and Mississippi, have implemented tax credits to incentivize small businesses to provide employee
wellness programs.

Businesses can expect an average ROI of $5.81 for every $1 spent on employee wellness.

Promote healthy lifestyles within your workforce through wellness activities such as:

  • Workplace Challenges

  • Fitness Habits

  • Wellness Goals

  • Monthly Fitness Challenges

  • Promoting Regular Physical Exercise

  • Daily Hydration

  • Wellness Reimbursements

  • Walking meetings

  • Meditation breaks

  • Nutritious snacks

  • Flu shots reminders

  • Smoking cessation programs

  • Stress management 

  • Resiliency education


Share the benefits of HORUS Remote Patient Monitoring Program and earn revenue by referring anyone from medical practitioners to friends who want to control their health.


Email us at and one of our Account Managers will call you to discuss the program. You can also call us directly at 305-521-1717 to enroll in the program.

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