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Horus Enterprise is a Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for organizations seeking to rapidly build custom, robust and continuously improve digital patient care programs. We continue the care flow without disruptions and make it easier for patients, family caregivers, and professionals to interact and achieve better health at home. 


Doctors, hospitals and digital health startups have tried to fill the gap with virtual care. RPM is now at the forefront of effective methods for maintaining social distancing protocols while providing necessary care to an at-risk senior population.


HMO Organizations: Use our service to monitor your patients and get a better customer engagement while strengthening referral relationships. Your marketing campaign will yield measurable ROI with double-digit incremental growth.

Short/Long Term Facilities: Use our service to monitor your patients, reduce overhead of personal and increase preventive care based on alerts. 


Home Health Agencies: Use our service to reduce avoidable re-hospitalization, improve patient engagement and strength referral relationships. 


Hospitals: use our services for patients to avoid re-hospitalization.

This normally is being used for a short term period (60 – 90 days). 

Employers: More and more employers are using a preventive care at their cost to maintain a high level of employees’ retention and satisfaction. The fuel of your performance, productivity, and happiness relies on good health. Businesses can expect an average ROI of $5.81 for every $1 spent on employee wellness.

We provide all the services


Automatically collect measurements, get smart alerts, send email and text nudges, capture billable time, calculate monitoring days, and get real-time and actionable view of all billable events. 


Earn up to $100 per patient each month providing virtual care to everyone in need.

Success Stories Enabled by Our Platform



Simple, Fast & Easy



You provide the details, we take care of the paperwork and contracts in the simplest and fastest way for your comfort

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